Monday, August 20, 2012

Dark tower rising: Troll hunters, book two. by Michael Dahl
105 pgs.
Target audience: Ages 9-13
Rating: Wizard

Pablo, Thora, Zack and seven-year-old Louise find out they are Praktara, bearers of light, and destined to fight the battle against the trolls for control of the earth. Each child is star touched and in battle bears the likeness of a constellation – Zack is Ursa Major, Pablo is Orion, Thora is Aquarius and Louise is Libra. Banded together their power is formidable. Thora’s brother, Bryce is possessed by an evil denizen and while under its thrall he kidnaps Dr. Hoo. Summoned by the doctor, her colleague, Mara arrives in Zion Falls to help. She discovers where the trolls are planning their next attack using a Croatoan, a type of dark tower that can be ridden to the surface. Battling as a team, Mara, her troll ally, Uzhk, and the kids with their combined powers stop the trolls from emerging. Each book in this series depends on the previous volume flowing so continually and naturally they resemble one long story divided into parts. There is much in this volume to appeal to kids – constellations, magic, science, giant evil toads, swarms of insects, fierce battles, seas of snakes and strangling vines. As with previous volumes, the author includes notes on dark towers and additional Gathool vocabulary.
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