Attention authors and publishers: I regret that I am not able to accept titles for review at this time. 

I am happy to accept books for review. I will accept ARC's, published books and audiobooks. I do not accept E-books, manuscripts or self-published books. My main focus is fantasy for kids and teens. However I also like historical fiction, especially anything set in the Victorian period. I'm particularly partial to epic fantasies (the bigger the better and the presence of a map will have me chomping at the bit) and fairytale retellings. I do not read zombie fiction, horror or graphic novels.

I pride myself on being fair and honest. My reviews are from a fan's perspective. I look at the book in terms of whether it will appeal to its target audience. While I will address standard elements as plot, pacing, characters and  setting, my reviews will not be an in-depth literary analysis. Nor will I completely trash a book, but I cannot guarantee a positive review. I rarely come across a book so ghastly I can't think of something nice to say. If there is such a book, I will email my review to the author or publisher who sent me the book and let them decide whether I can post it or not. I will include a short synopsis, either my own or from the book jacket, general thoughts on the book and appeal. Not every book out there is for everyone, in other words, it may appeal to a tween reader while at the same time not be my cup of tea. I will do my best to complete reviews in a timely manner, but my to-be-read pile sometimes gets in the way. If you need the review in time to meet a release date please let me know.


Cover art (will note if its an ARC in case the final art is different)
Page count
Target Audience


I rate each book on a fantasy creature scale

Troll - I couldn't read more than 50 pages.
Fairy - I read it and am glad I did, but it wasn't anything to write home about.
Griffin - I liked the book but it had some flaws.
Wizard - I liked the book and will gladly recommend
Dragon - WOW!! Loved it!


If after reading my review policy you would like me to review your book, please contact me at and put "review book" in the subject line so it will stand out.

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