Saturday, August 25, 2012

Lava crown: Troll hunters, book three by Michael Dahl.
105 pgs.
Target audience: Ages 9-13
Rating: Wizard

Pablo and his friends are becoming more adept at using their new found light bearer powers and are working with Mara on a plan to rescue Dr. Hoo, Bryce and all the other residents of Zion Falls who have been taken prisoner by the troll general and kept in the underground lava chamber of the gathool kingdom. Uzhk, their troll ally, is heading underneath to create a diversion with a direct attack. Since Dr. Hoo’s tower can double as a moving vessel when activated by the combined powers of Pablo, Thora, Zack and Louise, they decide to use it to descend into the enemy’s lair. Meanwhile Dr. Hoo sets a trap for Ooloom, the troll general, by convincing him he’s betrayed the children. The battle to save the prisoners is treacherous and the young warriors  battle against overwhelming odds. The victory is bittersweet and reveals Dr. Hoo’s dark secret. Lots of heated fighting, lots of hot lava, plenty of evil troll warriors and a sinister general with hypnotic powers fill the pages of the third book in this series. Readers will be chomping at the bit to find out what happens. Just as in the previous volumes, the author includes a glossary and notes at the end. (This book provided for review by children's lit -

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