Sunday, August 19, 2012

Skyfall: Troll hunters, book one. by Michael Dahl
105 pgs.
Target audience: Ages 9-13
Rating: Wizard

The monsters so vividly drawn in a young boy’s imagination come alive during the biggest meteor storm in a century, the Draconids. Pablo and his friends, Thora and Bryce are supposed to meet at the old quarry lake to watch the show, but a mysterious car accident involving one of Pablo’s schoolmates, Zack, prevents him from getting there. Seven-year-old Louise who lives nearby with her dad, runs into the woods after one of her bunnies escapes. Upon returning home after the meteor shower, Thora meets up with Zack and Pablo who are trying to find the lost Louise. A terrifying monster comes thundering through the forest after them, but a centaur appears out of nowhere and vanquishes the beast. A strange three-armed man, Dr. Hoo, rescues the kids and takes them to his house. They learn that Dr. Hoo is a crypto zoologist who studies hidden and secret creatures and the monster after them was a gathool or troll and is most definitely not alone. Others have come to take back the surface world for themselves and the doctor’s house is currently under attack from all sides. While the doctor goes off to take care of the trolls, the kids use their initiative, unique skills and talent to help out. There is non stop action in this exciting new chapter book series. The illustrations done in black and sepia contribute nicely to the creepy aspect of the story. The author includes notes on the gathool and a gathool vocabulary.
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