"Mary is a kind, gentle spirit. She pursues many endeavors, of which reading is amongst her favorite. If you were to meet Mary in person, one would find a book attached to her hip, so to speak. She often has that dreamy look that she carries with her when she is pursuing a great read. Taking the opportunity to read at every given moment, she then gives back to the literature community. Her enthusiasm in sharing her favorite read is contagious, and celebrated with her “fantastical” rating scale on her blog. I commend Mary for her blog, her investment of time and creativity in helping youth, Library Assistants, and Librarians in providing highly valued reader’s advisory service through her blog."
Joanne (Librarian)

"Mary offers wonderful insight into the world of teen fantasy. When asked for books on dragons, Mary can point  you not only to the correct age range, she can also narrow it down to the type of storyline you are hoping to read. Mary's general knowledge and her presentations offer us information that would otherwise require many, many hours of reading." 
Constance (Parent and Library Assistant)

"Mary helped me with a fantasy fiction reader's advisory question. Her expertise in that genre is astounding!"
 "Mary's Fantasy Fiction List. I just wanna give props to Mary for helping me with a reader's advisory question. We have a middle-school aged patron who has read pretty much everything in J and YA fic, especially fantasy, and he's hungry for some new titles. I was tapped out of ideas and turned to Mary. She produced a lengthy list of recommendations! Our young patron will be sooooooooooo excited. THANK YOU, MARY!" Cherie (Children's Librarian)

"Mary's knowledge of fantasy books for children and teens is mind-boggling.  Whenever I'm helping a patron who is extremely well-read, I can rely on Mary to step in with suggestions the patron hasn't yet read and get him excited about many different titles.  She is great to watch in action."
Aimee (Teen librarian)

"Whether you’re 7-97 and love dragons, fairies and other fantastical, magical creatures and kingdoms, the parent of such a reader, or a librarian looking for youth fantasy literature lists—Mary is your go-to person! I’m the parent of teens and also work with Mary at a public library.  In addition to finding her Web site a great resource for ideas for my teen readers at home, I refer kids and teens at our library to Mary for their next reading adventure.  So amazingly well-read and up-to-date on the latest fantasy book or series out there, Mary never disappoints!"
 Ruthie (Parent and Library Assistant)