Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Truth by Julia Karr
299 pgs.
Target audience: Young Adult
Rating: Wizard

          The truth comes from multiple sources and has just as many interpretations. In Nina’s world the truth is whatever the Media says it is. Now that Nina is sixteen and has her tattoo,  everything she thought she knew about her life slowly disintegrates from lies and secrets to newly formed truths – the truth behind her mother’s sacrifice, the truth about her sister’s father, the truth about her father’s disappearance and the truth behind the government’s lies. The more the rebels push, the more dangerous life becomes. Nina’s grandparents  and her little sister, Dee, become targets forcing her to summon all her strength and courage, to put faith in new found friends and to trust her instincts. Nina moves from a passive to an active role in the rebellion. Her relationship with fellow rebel, Sal, becomes more confusing as her feelings grow stronger for her best friend’s brother, Chris. Unlike it’s predecessor this story starts out strong, maintaining the pace throughout. The characters are more developed and three dimensional, plus the author provides meanings for all the acronyms. While the first book focuses on what it means to turn sex-teen, get the tattoo and all it entails, this installment delves deeper into the secrets and lies hidden within the ruling government and the rebellion against it. Overall this was a thrilling look at a fascinating dystopian culture. Recommended for fans of Orwellian societies where the oppressed citizens are fighting the good fight.
(Book provided for review by Children’s Lit )

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