Sunday, June 24, 2012

Ghost Writer by Michael Dahl
62 pgs.
Target audience: Ages 9-13
Rating: Wizard

Some books are dangerous, some books are deadly and then there are books that are mysteriously blank. On a quest to find the latest Simon Skull novel, young Josh finds a book with no content wrapped in plain brown paper with a return address for Simon Skull. While Josh eagerly rushes off to meet his idol, people are vanishing all over the city, people who touch one of Skull's blank books. Simon Skull is a little miffed at being so criticized for bad writing and is taking revenge on his less than adoring public. But the Librarian from the Library of Doom is on the case. It's his job to prevent these perilous tomes from falling into the wrong hands. Josh is rescued from becoming a phantom like Simon just in the nick of time. Special fonts, bolding, italics and text enhancements highlight certain vocabulary like a soundtrack does for a movie. The color illustrations are vibrant and add to the mystery. There is a complete glossary and biographical spotlights for the Librarians of Doom. This is a great first chapter book for kids who love a good mystery and a bit of fun spookiness.
(This book provided for review by children's lit

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