Saturday, June 22, 2013

Story’s End Marissa Burt
353 pgs.
Target audience: Middle Reader
Rating: Wizard

In this compelling sequel to “Story’s End,” the Talekeepers’ lies are finally exposed – the lies about the Unbinding, the lies about the Muses breaking their oath, the lies about Story never having a King, and the biggest lie of all – how Tale Master Archimago defeated the Muses and saved Story. Una, Peter and their fellow rebels are working hard to educate all the characters about their true Backstory and to motivate them to fight against the Enemy, Fidelos, who has returned. Una, who was written in from the Land of Readers, has a secret of her own, one which could spell the end of all who live in Story. The Enemy is desperate to find the Lost Elements which would allow him to rewrite Story thereby eliminating all who oppose him. Fairy tales become topsy-turvy in this cleverly written fantasy. Since characters live in districts according to their genre like the Dystopians, Horror Hollow or the Romantics, there is something for everyone. The imagination  of the reader is stretched and pulled in thrilling new ways. After all, what child hasn’t dreamt of diving into a book’s story? The twists and turns, fairytale puns, overturned stereotypes will delight readers both young and old. For maximum enjoyment it is best to read “Storybound” first. Recommend to fans of “Inkheart” by Cornelia Funke. (This book provided for review by Children's Lit -


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