Friday, May 10, 2013

Daniel X: Game over by James Patterson (Audiobook, unabridged, 4 CD's)Narrated by Milo Ventimiglia
Target audience: Young Adult
Audiobook Rating: Wizard
Book Rating: Fairy

The fourth volume in the alien hunter series begins in a video arcade in Tokyo where Daniel is in pursuit of numbers seven and eight on the alien outlaw list. Milo Ventimiglia deftly portrays Daniel’s easy, comfortable banter with family and friends as well as the sarcastic repartee he saves for his alien prey. The suspense rises exponentially as the plot to brainwash addicted video gamers into becoming non virtual killers unfolds. The narrator transforms the very short chapters that would be distracting in book format into edgy layers of anticipation for the listener. Although Ventigmiglia's expert performance sets the perfect pace for this non-stop action adventure punctuated by explosive battle sound effects, his efforts cannot compensate for the implausibility of the story. Daniel’s abilities – manipulating matter to recreate anything he can visualize including his dead parents and friends who can fight, invent, interact with others all from his own brain, broadband internet in his head, ability to download a degree in engineering directly to his cerebellum, to transform into anything, time travel, enhanced senses - to name but a few referred to in frequent asides to the reader are over the top and far fetched even for the science fiction genre. There is virtually no character development making the story just a laundry list of alien battles. The “Maximum Ride” series by the same author would be a much better choice. (Audiobook provided for review by Children's Lit -



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