Saturday, April 6, 2013



The reluctant assassin by Eoin Colfer
Target audience: Young Adult
Rating: Wizard

From the man who brought us the popular “Artemis Fowl” books, comes a new wickedly fun and deviously intricate science fiction series featuring a wormhole machine, a teen almost FBI agent called Chevron, Garrick, a magician turned assassin, his young assistant, Riley and W.A.R.P., the Witness Anonymous Relocation Program. The FBI has been using this time machine to transport high profile witnesses  to Victorian London until it’s safe to return them for the trial. But with all great technological advances, there are glitches. Mutations keep popping up among those returning from the past. The current problem lies with the crime banker by the name, Terry Carter, who has decided that life in the past where anonymity is to his advantage is much more preferable. He changes his name to Tibor Charismo and sets up a nice little crime network for himself using the ready supply of waifs and criminals on the streets of Victorian London. Complete success at this enterprise requires eliminating all those from the future who can identify him including the scientist who created W.A.R.P. and Riley’s FBI parents. He employs the service of the notorious assassin, Garrick. Riley escapes into the future followed by his master and chaos ensues as Victorian and modern day London collide with spectacular results. Colfer creates villains worthy of hatred and reluctant heroes destined to become favorites. The non stop action, crazy science, mobsters from both centuries, and the shear genius of the plot execution will have kids craving the next installment. (Book provided for review by Children's Lit -


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