Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Alien attack by Max Chase
111 pgs.
Target audience: Ages 7 to 10
Rating: Wizard

Peri is a pilot and a first year cadet at the Intergalactic Force Academy. It’s the year 5012 and all the planets in the Milky Way have banded together to form the IFA, an elite group of fighters sworn to protect and defend the galaxy. On a routine mission in their space pod, Peri and his half-Martian friend, Diesel, are attacked by an alien ship. But just before their pod is annihilated by DeathRays, they’re transported back to the station which is under attack. The two pilots are immediately forced aboard a cloaked ship that looks like a giant egg and told that they have their orders which of course they know nothing about. As Peri and Diesel desperately try to figure out how to fly this ship, the space station explodes leaving them as the last defense against the alien invasion. The black and white illustrations do a great job of bringing the text alive. The ship is stock full of cool gadgetry and fighting abilities. Add to that Martian curses, monstrous aliens, the deadly vortex that eats spaceships alive and it’s a recipe for an unstoppable adventure series. (This book provided for review by Children's Lit - www.childrenslit.com)

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