Friday, December 21, 2012

River odyssey (Submarine Outlaw series v. 3) by Phillip Roy
229 pgs.
Target audience: Middle reader
Rating: Wizard

All Alfred wants to do is explore and after building a one-man submarine with the help of junkyard owner Ziegfried, he does just that. He lives with his grandparents off the coast of Newfoundland and spends most of  his time exploring with his submarine crew, Hollie, a stray dog, and an uncannily intelligent seagull, Seaweed. His adventures have earned him the title, Submarine Outlaw because he doesn’t have a permit for a submarine. In this third outing, at the advice of his grandmother, Sheba, he sets out on a trip to Montreal to find his dad who left right after his mom died giving birth to him. He follows the St. Lawrence river south past Anticosti island and Quebec. The dangers of river travelling include getting tangled with shipwrecks, rescuing cats in the fog, losing the sub in the fog and running up against the police. But Alfred wouldn’t have it any other way – he is resourceful, smart and remarkably calm and logical under pressure. He uses his wits and ingenuity. Included in the storyis a fair amount of Canadian seafarer’s history and geography. This will appeal to young readers especially boys with a keen interest in exploring and technical aspects of sea travel.
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