Sunday, October 14, 2012

Keeper of the lost cities by Shannon Messenger
488 pgs.
Target audience: 8 to 12
Rating: Wizard

Sophie’s secret telepathic ability sets her apart from everyone. To keep the constant nagging voices away, she becomes a loner. On a school field trip to a museum, she meets a young boy who claims he can also hear thoughts. To prove his authenticity, Fitz transports Sophie to the Eternalia in the Land of Lumenaria where the elves live. Sophie learns that she is in fact an elf and must leave her human family forever. She’d always been an outsider, so finding out she’s not human makes a small bit of sense even though it pains her to say goodbye to that life. She is taken in by a couple who run a sanctuary for mythical creatures. Although she does make friends at her new school, there are those who oppose her return. Reading thoughts are not Sophie’s only powers, she is able to send thoughts as well. The gaps in her memory hold valuable secrets, information that others would kill for. Sophie is a simple yet likeable character, whose eagerness to harness her new powers and unveil the secrets in her mind make her a target. Dex, her best friend, is loyal and true, but there are many whom she shouldn’t trust. This a fast paced, well plotted fantasy debut with hints of a sequel.

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