Friday, September 28, 2012

Such Wicked Intent by Kenneth Oppel (The apprenticeship of Viktor Frankenstein, book two)
310 pgs.
Target audience: Young adult
Rating: Dragon

After the death of his son, Konrad, Viktor’s grieving father burns down the dark library. It was there that Viktor, Henry and Elizabeth used the ancient tomes to produce the elixir of life which in the end failed to save Konrad’s life. One mysterious book survives the flames and gives Viktor hope of getting his twin brother back. He and Elizabeth discover a portal to the spirit world in which the Chateaux Frankenstein exists with the dark library intact and where Konrad is trapped. They decide to use an ancient spell to grow Konrad a new body out of mud and a bit of hair. The new Konrad grows at an alarming rate and forms a special bond with Elizabeth. The spirit world is seductive and returning there becomes impossible to resist – for Elizabeth because she’s reunited with Konrad whom she misses and desperately loves and for Viktor because of the power and vast knowledge it gives him. What they do not know is that with each visit a monstrous evil trapped in the caves below feeds on their power and life force while growing ever stronger. This deliciously gothic series which began with Dark Endeavour gets even better with this latest installment. Viktor’s desire to bring back his brother builds into a deeper, much darker obsession, which will eventually consume him. His need to play God over life and death puts a strain on his relationship with Henry and Elizabeth. His original plan to save his brother’s life becomes less an less about family and more about the power he obtains. It is a fascinating look at power, obsession, family and life over death.

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