Thursday, September 6, 2012

Scarlet by Marissa Meyer (Advance Reader's Copy - to be published Feb 2013)
452 pgs.
Target audience: Young adult
Rating: Dragon

Get ready for a full-blast, futuristic roller coaster ride of fairytale fun in this spectacular sequel to Cinder. Scarlet lives and works with her grandmother on a farm in the small rural French town of Rieux. Her grandmother has gone missing and disgusted with the lack of success by the police in finding her, Scarlet sets out on her own to find out what happened. When a strange, charming and very handsome man named Wolf claims he can help her, Scarlet cautiously agrees. Meanwhile cyborg and missing Lunar princess, Cinder, escapes from the castle prison and with the unexpected help of another prisoner manages to elude capture on a stolen military ship. The worlds of Cinder an Scarlet collide when Cinder tracks down the woman who rescued her from Queen Levana when she was a child and by saving her life made her into a cyborg. Lunar Queen Levana raises the stakes in her war against the commonwealth by creating an army of human-wolf hybrids. The action is non-stop propelling the reader through the book at lightning speed. The new characters are integrated smoothly into the familiar structure emerging from the pages as if they’d belonged there all along. The author blends fantasy and science fiction into a wholly new and compelling concoction. If you love gripping action, fantastic plot and characters, and stellar writing, don’t miss out on this fabulous series, though it is recommended that they be read in order.

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