Saturday, August 4, 2012

Scream street: Blood of the witch, book two by Tommy Donbavand.
117 pgs.
Target audience: Ages 9-13
Rating: Wizard

G.H.O.U.L., Government Housing of Unusual Life-forms, has designated Scream street a community for the supernatural. Luke and his parents are forced to move there after Luke transforms into a werewolf on his tenth birthday. His parents, however, live in constant fear of their new monstrous neighbors. Luke quickly befriends two other kids – a mummy named Cleo and Resus, a normal boy in a vampire family. In order for Luke to open a doorway and return his parents home, he must find all six relics listed in the ancient book, Skipstone’s Tales of Scream Street. But before they can even begin their quest, the blood supplied to resident vampires on tap is suddenly blocked off. Sir Otto Sneer, the landlord of Scream street is infecting all the rats and residents with vampire energy to raise an army and obtain the powerful relics for himself. Will the children unblock the blood supply in time? Will Luke save his parents from becoming vampires? Perfect for Goosebumps fans, this story sizzles with grisly, ghoulish, and ghastly fun. Each volume focuses on getting one of the sacred relics. The black and white illustrations sprinkled throughout range from full page pictures to strategically placed globs of blood, spider-webs, claws dripping with gore and bats. The author includes a pictorial gallery of residents, a keyed map and a short synopsis of the series so far. (Book provided for review by Children's Lit

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