Saturday, July 21, 2012

Museum of thieves by Lian Tanner (audiobook – read by Claudia Black)
6 discs                
Target audience: Ages 9-12
Rating: Dragon

 Goldie is twelve years old and lives in the city of Jewel,  a city where children are bound in guardchains for their own protection and subject to the whims of the all-powerful and abusive Blessed Guardians. Her only way out is at her separation ceremony when she’ll be a free citizen. However a bomb explodes in the city causing the event to be cancelled. This is too much for Goldie who takes matters into her own hands and runs away. She escapes into the ever-changing and mysterious Museum of Dunt. The three Keepers of the museum, Sinew, Herro Dan and Olga Ciavolga teach her to hone her skills in the fine art of thievery and show her the secrets to understanding and deciphering the varying moods of the museum. The local politician, the Fugelman, and his toadies, Guardian Hope and Guardian Comfort, have a diabolical plan to take control of the city. Goldie joins up with Toadspit, another runaway, the Keepers and a tame Brizzle Hound named Broo to fight for the safety of the people of Jewel and save the museum from destruction. Tanner takes the readers on a thrilling, heart pounding adventure. Goldie’s character is bold, resourceful and captivating. Her escapades through the bowels of the museum show her metamorphosis from the downtrodden child in the clutches of the Guardians to  laudable heroine . Claudia Black’s narration brings out each character’s unique tone and personality. The dialects and accents are flawlessly executed.   The pace is steady all the way to the cliffhanger ending. This story is a definite winner and recommended for all ages.

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