Saturday, May 5, 2012

Fairy Lies by E. D. Baker
256 pgs.
Target audence" Age 8-12
Rating: Wizard

In this sequel to Fairy Wings, Tamisin, who has recently broken up with her cat goblin boyfriend, Jak, is kidnapped by fairies and taken to Oberon. Tamisin is not just any fairy, she's the daughter of Queen Titania and up until now has believed her father to be human. Oberon insists that Tamisin is his daughter and that he brought her to the fey world to bond with her good 'ole dad. Meanwhile Jak sets off on a quest to rescue her. At this point the story splits and alternates between Jak's ad Tamisin's adventures. The more time Tamisin spends three, the more muddled her thoughts become. There are encounters with trolls, goblins, sea monsters and a hidden enemy who wants to harm Tamisin. This is a fun book for fans of fairies. It is not necessary to read the first to enjoy this one.

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